Latest News

New EP

At last, we have finished recording of our new EP! Under supervision of Vilo ŠTRBA (Karpina, Beer Society), we are now in the process of final mixing and mastering and hope to present new songs soon.

We invited an excellent Slovak keyboard player, Matej MIKLOŠ (Persona Grata, Sisterhood of Klangpedal), to participate on the record. Thanks to his talent and musical abilities, we have managed to push our songs towards new and interesting sounds. Kudos to Matej for that!

New Music Video

Under the director and producer Roman MOSER and Sona KOVAČIKOVÁ, we completed the production phase of our first music video for the song I BELIEVE (from our forthcoming EP). Filming was done in the exteriors and interiors around Bratislava and in film studios at Bratislava, Koliba. Cooperation with GARAGE 66 and boosted our faith in the final result, which is hopefully going to be a pleasant surprise for our fans and other people as well. Kudos to everyone who, often voluntarily, participated in this project. Thank you all!

The Crystal Wing Award

The Crystal Wing Award is an expression of recognition given to selected personalities for their exceptional achievements in the past year. It is a great pleasure for us to note that in 2014, the actual artifact has been designed and made by noone else but our guitar player Achilleas.

Congratulation, brother in arms, we're looking forward to hear your talent in your guitar solos as well :-)